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 Bridge Loan Benefits

  • Don’t worry about selling your old home before you buy a new one
  • Avoid moving twice
  • Apply equity from your old home to your new one
  • Keep your new loan under the $453.1K jumbo loan threshold by applying existing equity

What is a Bridge Loan?

A “bridge loan” is a way of providing a financial “bridge” between two points in time. Bridge Loans are most frequently used when a homeowner wants or needs to buy a new home before selling their old one.

Our Bridge Loan Experts, working in a division of Hurst Lending & Insurance, specialize in providing Bridge Loans to homeowners throughout the United States. Home buyers taking advantage of a Bridge Loan can benefit financially by applying the equity in their existing home toward the purchase of a new one while avoiding the hassle of moving twice. Although interest rates are a few points higher on a Bridge Loan than on a conventional loan, the amount of money spent may be quite low because the bridge loan is short-term.

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Is a Bridge Loan Right for Me?

Here are some scenarios where a Bridge Loan might be useful.

Growing Families

If your family is expanding and you need more room, it just makes sense to apply the equity in your existing home to your new loan. A Bridge Loan can do that for you, and spare you the headaches of interim housing and a second move. After all - you're busy enough!

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Down-Sizing for Retirement

Many people choose to down-size their homes for ease of maintenance when they retire. The last thing you want, if you're moving for ease of lifestyle, is the hassle of moving twice. Buy before you worry about selling with a Bridge Loan.

Bridge Loans for seniors

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Self Employed Bridge Loan

With our Self Employed Bridge Loan Program we can help you purchase a new home today (even if you don’t yet have 2 years of self employed tax returns).
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Buyer Fell Thru Bridge Loan

If you have your new dream home under contract and the buyer for your old home has fallen thru, get a Bridge Loan to help you buy your new home before your old home sells.
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Why Get a Bridge Loan from Us?

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Closed on our first home his morning and the process went great. Jay and his team do an outstanding job with communication and explaining everything along the way. For a first time buyer, they do a great job with every single step in the process.
Texags Forum
Hurst got me a great deal. I bought a new home so initially I dealt with the builder’s “preferred lender.” I told my builder’s “preferred lender” what Hurst’s offer was and he stated “sounds too good to be true, you sure he has everything included in his gfe?” Well, it was true and I couldn’t be happier!
Tony P
He beat our builder’s lender’s offer, was a whole lot easier and nicer to work with, answered our questions, and we closed on time. AND we got to work with Aggies all around.
We closed on our house with Jay in November. He did a great job for us as well. We had a few issues that were out of the ordinary, and he helped us get through underwriting on time and close on the original date.
TexAgs Forum

Repeat & Referred Business


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Top 1% Loan Producers in the U.S.

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Family Owned. Texas Proud.

Still A Family Business

Founded by Jay Hurst and Scott Bialek, Hurst Lending & Insurance is still managed Jay, Scott and their families. While the mortgage industry is known for high turnover rates, Hurst Lending is recognized for providing consistent, personal service to our customers. That’s why more than 70% of our mortgage and insurance business is from repeat or referred customers!

Jay Hurst & Family

Jay Hurst & Family

Scott Bialek & Family

Scott Bialek & Family

Texas Aggie Heritage

Hurst Lending is proud to be a part of the Texas A&M community.  Co-founder Jay Hurst (’00), investor Dat Nguyen (’98), senior manager of loan processing Sonja Zadel (’93) and several other employees and investors have degrees from Texas A&M.

Out of a desire to serve the Texas A&M community, Hurst Lending & Insurance created a division called AgsReward, which offers an Aggie Realtor Referral program, apartment loans, and other mortgage and insurance offers particularly relevant to the Aggie family. AgsReward is a sponsor and active participant on the Real Estate Forum on TexAgs.com.

Hurst Lending is also very proud that we have twice been  recognized on the Aggie 100 list of fastest-growing Aggie-owned companies.

More About Us

Not Just Lenders. Problem Solvers.

Lots of mortgage lenders can offer a good rate on a conventional loan.  We can too – in fact, our rates are some of the best around.

The difference? Hurst Lending finds ways to make the deal work when your mortgage needs are outside the “conventional loan” box.

We Have The Answer To:

"I can't buy a new house till my old one sells."

"I need a low down-payment jumbo loan."

"I want to buy a house NOW, but my divorce isn't final"

"Other lenders can't help me because I've been working overseas."

"They said my short sale was too recent..."

"I want to build my own home...
but I need a low down payment construction loan."

"I want to buy a rural home on a LOT of land."

"I just found out my dream vacation condo is a
non-warrantable condo project."